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Another developement blog?

When you create something new you always must ask yourself “We really need that stuff? Is original? Why I can’t use $otherProduct instead?”

We really need another blog?

Well I think that the world can survive even without my effort but that will be less funny for me, and maybe someone can find this blog useful.

Is original?

No, there is a tons of developer blogs that speak about every part of programming, and a lot of them are much more expert than me. But sometime I found some hole in the Web knowledge, in that case I try to fill that hole. This blog is my 2 cent on computer graphics, I won’t try to be the new openGL guru that know everything about graphics, but just a place when I can share and discuss about my project and my ideas.

Why I can’t follow other blogs/web pages?

Yes you can.. no you must!! I’ll give reference when I extract some part of article from another site. Internet is for collaboration πŸ˜‰

I only hope that if somebody use my stuff will give me a reference.

What will you talking about in this blog? And why in English?

About the development of my project hosted in my site, some basic tutorial and news about programming, graphics and maybe maths.

I choose English cause almost every programmer (can|should) read English even Italian one. Is also a good exercise for me.

What will you not talking about?

Obsolete stuff. The main reason I open this blog is cause on the Web you can find a lot of tutorial about openGL 1972 and very few tutorial about openGL 3.x. OpenGL will not evolve if users keep using the obsolete stuff.

Can I comment your post?

Yes, but I have to approve your comment before it’s show. Don’t worry I’ll approve every comment that don’t look like spam and is somewhat in topic.

Why you create your site in you living room server? Is full of free host out there.

Cause I’m a nerd… ehm… cause I already have a SVN server for my project, and I don’t want to use another server for the blog in this way I can install any plug-in I find useful.

Sometime you can find the server off-line (cause ADSL problem, power supply problem or hardware failure). Don’t panic!!


One response to “Another developement blog?

  1. UncleZeiv 19 February 2010 at 12:15 AM

    Good luck mate! I’m looking forward to reading your rants πŸ™‚

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