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Rosario Leonardi

E-mail: rosario.leonardi [at]
I’m a software engineer specialized in computer graphics and real-time physics with strong analytical and mathematical skills is looking for a company where my ability can be used effectively.

Work Experiences

2010 – Present: 3D programmer at Milestone s.r.l.

2007 – 2010: Computer graphics developer at Percro

Percro is an advanced research laboratory specialized in computer graphics, mechanics, haptics and cultural heritage. I have a contract for studying innovative human computer interaction methods, based on haptics interfaces, head/finger trackers, VR gloves, etc.
I was also responsible for:

  • Development of a multimedia real-time application for museum installation. I developed an edutainment application to illustrate the various stages of the production of bronze artworks in Tuscany. The application involves the audience with a 3d reconstruction of a foundry, video material and some interactive parts. I have developed all the code to load the scenes, explore and interact with the environment, display the video inside the virtual environment. I’m currently working in partnership with Tokyo university to develop a java applet for visualizing 3d scanning of eight Noh theater masks.
  • Development of a 3D, motion based driving simulator for forklift drivers training. I developed an error detection system for automatic driver evaluation and a simple AI system for modeling virtual actors’ behaviour in the scene. The complex scenario helps training the driver in a realistic environment while the automatic evaluation helps the teacher in assigning a fairer score.
  • Developed a simple 3d chat with jabber and openFire.
  • Developed several extension modules for the internal 3d application framework, called XVR ( Some examples of the modules I’ve worked on:
    • PhysX porting, including rigid body dynamics, fluids and clothes.
    • FFMpeg porting, multithread library that port FFMpeg on openGL texture with sync audio on openAL.
  • Held three day Maya course to my colleagues where I explained the fundamental parts of the application.
  • Held an university lesson about real-time shaders at University of Pisa for the Virtual Reality course.


  • 2007 – Master degree in Computer Science Engineering, “Networking and Multimedia” from the University of Pisa. (100/110)
    Master thesis on “Study and realization of a software architecture for the management of a motion based virtual simulator based on a Stewart platform”. During the thesis I have to refactor, design and implement new features for a motion based forklift simulator.
  • 2004 – Bachelors degree in Computer Science Engineering from the university of Pisa (103/110)
  • 2000 – Technical Institute (Informatics) at ITIS Fedi Pistoia

Spoken Languages

English: Good
Italian: Mother tongue


I have strong math and physics background. I have followed two university math course, I’m specialized in 3d math (vector and matrix transformation).
Ability to work in team and communication skills. In my current work, I work with a non technician staff and students I have to constantly change between non-technical and technical language.
Self organization. Working on a university you have to follow different students and your own project, self organization and a good scheduling is fundamental.

IT Skills

I usually work on windows platform, but I can program under the Linux environment, too.
I have learned C++ at high school then followed the university courses, two years of professional experience at PERCRO and different personal project.
Recently I have worked with java to create an applet to show cultural heritage application on the web.
I have also worked with Javascript (AJAX and page creation from XML data), Python, LUA, MEL and even assembly. I can easily learn other languages when necessary.
Here is the list (from most relevant to least) topic I have experience with: Physics Engines (PhysX), OpenGL (and GLSL), Maya API, wxWidget, path finding algorithm, nVidia CG shaders.
I’m learning the Agile development and XP techniques to improve productivity.
Other programs I can use are: Autodesk Maya (since version 4.5), Photoshop, 3D Studio Max. And of course the office package.

Personal interests

I like computer graphics in any form, 3D animation, still CG illustration, visual art and video games.
I also like traditional art, living in Tuscany and working with cultural heritage is a good way to develop (primitive) sense of art (even in engineers)
I use to listen heavy metal music, and actually playing in a rock band. I also like go cycling in the summer.

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