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Twitter connection active

Here a new post, this one should be visible on twitter… facebook and linkeding.

I still have problem with wp-syntax stylesheet. 😦

Hello world!

One two three test, this is my new blog hosted in my living room.

I’ll basically post some code, news and idea about programming and openGL

Test for wp-syntax

template<typename T, unsigned int Size>
void identity(T* matrix)
  for(unsigned int i = 0; i < Size; i++)
    for(unigned int j = 0; j < Size; j++)
      matrix[i+j*size] = (i==j)?T(1):T(0);

The post are also connected with twitter, so you can follow my activity without problem (and I can follow you).

Test Latex for wordpress:
delim{[}{matrix{3}{3}{1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9}}{]}
S(f)(t)=a_{0}+sum{n=1}{+infty}{a_{n} cos(n omega t)+b_{n} sin(n omega t)}

If you see a green rectangle wegGL is working. Otherwise read this.
[wgl id=’wglcontex’ width=500]